Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Will every country eventually want its own Google?


Three weeks ago I wrote about Google-competitors: European-Quaero, Japanese and Norwegians. Now I stumbled upon another one, Chinese Zhongsou search engine.

For me the discovery of each such new competitor means that I can suggest him to cooperate on building a new microcontent search engine.


Here's what I collected about Zhongsou:



Huicong International Information, which determined to be the world's largest Chinese search engine provider announced at a release conference on December 23 the birth of the professional search brand "China Search Online" (www.zhongsou.com), a latest progress made by this provider who aims to challenge Google.



We are eight months ahead of all our competitors in terms of technology - at least, thanks to our latest desktop search software," said Chen Pei, president of zhongsou.com, a leading Chinese search engine provider.The competitors Chen referred to include Google, Microsoft and Baidu, he explained.Baidu is the largest Chinese-language searching firm.



CEO of Chinese search engine Zhongsou Chen Pei is optimistic about the search engine's quest to overtake Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU), Capital Markets reports.Chen said recently that Zhongsou has the best chance of winning the search war with Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) because Zhongsou has focused on technology for five years and the company will see returns on its investment.Zhongsou's desktop search software i-pig will become mainstream in China before yearend, Chen said.Chen also pointed out that Google investor Fidelity is also a Zhongsou investor.


Aug 09 2005 - Chen Pei, president of HC International's search subsidiary Zhongsou, recently told Bokee that the company's main short-term competition is Baidu. However, Chen claims that Microsoft is Zhongsou's long-term competition...



o Sep 06 2004 - CEO of Chinese search portal Zhongsou Chen Pei said that the rumor of the search engine's demise is purely a trick of Zhongsou's rivals. According to Chen, Zhongsou has been doing well since entering the search portal market last May...



ChinaTechNews.com informs us of rumors that Sina is interested in acquiring Zhongsou.com.

Sina may be eyeing a takeover of search partner Zhongsou.com's specialized search activities. Sina's proprietary search directories and engine have been a weak spot for the company, and Sina has bolstered itself by partnering with various companies over the years...Zhongsou.com is one of the largest search engine technology providers in China. It was co-launched and established by Huicong and China Internet News Center in September 2003 and enjoys a good reputation in China for large webpage coverage, fast data upgrades, and fast Chinese searches."

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