Sunday, February 26, 2006

Emily Chang

Today QTSaver was added to Emily Chang's eHub. I applied three times in the last months  and I guess it was accepted this time because I added a link to a newspaper that published a press release about QT/mobile.


Conclusion: You need the press in order to impress.


 I'm so grateful that I decided to dedicate this QTSaver retrieval to Emily Chang Ehub:


Thanks, Emily!

Search results for Emily Chang ehub

Emily Chang - eHub eHub is a resource by Emily Chang, an award-winning strategic designer and...

Hub Web 2.0 Emily Chang's eHub is a constantly updated list of next generation web applications.

Emily Chang and partners at eHub, are not only collecting new web applications but also are now doing short interviews with the principals of alpha, beta and new online applications.

My Tickler File has been listed on Emily Chang’s eHub. eHub is her personal resource list where she posts information about web apps, services, blogs, etc that she finds useful or interesting.

September 16, 2005 eHub cited by Stowe Boyd in Corante In today’s Get Real column at Corante, Stowe Boyd, President/COO of Corante, the world’s first blog media company, writes about discovering new web apps at eHub, a new resource by co-founder and Ideacodes principal Emily Chang.

...eHub Ranked in and Blogged Around the World Emily Chang’s eHub web 2.0 software resource has risen to the delicious popular page since Tuesday, Sept 13 with over 460 bookmarks, has been blogged and linked by bloggers in the United States, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, and Portugal, and has received over 5000 unique global visitors to the site since its launch on Monday, September 12.

Emily Chang has a nice roundup of some of the ehub interview answers she's collected over the past 4 months, trying to fixate on some common design...

I saw that Emily Chang's eHub mentioned Veetro a new project management, billing, time amanagement, crm, "jeepers-creepers, is there anything they...

If there’s a better list of Web 2.0 applications than Emily Chang’s eHub then I haven’t seen it. Good place to go if your desperate for round corners...









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